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Join femmefest 2020!

Origin: femmefest
Link: HERE
Type of challenge: Anonymous Exchange
Description: Femmefest is an exchange fest dedicated towards the wlw couples (and throuples) of Harry Potter.
Ratings restrictions: All ratings allowed
Length restrictions: The minimum word count is only 1000 words (or a finished piece of art of equal quality).
Sign-ups Begin: Sunday 1/19
Sign-ups Close: Friday 1/31
Assignments Sent Out: Monday 2/3
Assignments Due: Sunday 4/12
Posting Starts: Monday 5/4

HP_Bunintheoven's Pregnancy Fest 2020

Origin: hp_bunintheoven
Link: LJ|DW
Type of challenge: Prompt fest
Description: Each prompt and entry must feature pregnancy in some form. We accept any form of pregnancy: fempreg, mpreg, surrogacy, whatever you want to use.
Ratings restrictions: Any rating is allowed.
Length restrictions: Minimum of 500 words and equivalent in drawing. No maximum limit.
Timeline: Prompting ends Jan 30. Claiming opens Feb 1.

Announcing Ron/Draco Fest 2020!

Origin: ron_draco_fest
Link: Here
Type of challenge: Anonymous prompt-and-claim
Description: All prompts/submissions must contain Ron/Draco as the main romantic and/or sexual pairing. Otherwise, we accept all genres and ratings!
Ratings restrictions: All
Length restrictions: None - do whatever you feel! We also accept art and other media!

Last Day to leave your Prompts!!!

The Ice Royals Valentine's Extravaganza hosted over at dw
Prompting: September 14th - 30th
Claiming: October - January 2nd
Works due: January 14th
Posting starts: February 14th

Harry Potter Fest- Focused on Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy

The Ice Royals is a low key, low stress community to share the love, appreciation and amazingness that is the pair of Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy.

Prompting open until the 30th.
All promptes welcome.

Claiming Time: about 4 Months

Writing Time: about 4 Months

Posting will go on as long as there are fics!

Looking for a new mod :(

Hello lovelies!

Those of you outside of America may not be aware, but there has been devastating and catastrophic flooding here in the last month. One is the areas affected was my city and the surrounding region in the Delta. While my home was spared, many of my friends and patients have not been so lucky. Between volunteering with disaster relief and helping friends pull sheetrock from their homes, my home life has been so hectic that I need to let go of a few things, and one of them is potterfests.

If you are interesting in modding this wonderful community, please let me know. If I had a recommendation for a new mod, it would be this: for you to be active across multiple platforms including livejournal, dreamwidth, and tumblr. I have not been, and I think the involvement will help this comm stay relevant.

It may look daunting, but I assure you this community has been set up so well by the owner that it is a joy to run.

Much love,

theimpossiblegl (Kay)

Coming Up in Potterfests!

Schedule of Upcoming Events
in the Harry Potter Fandom

from 23 June - 29 June
Sunday, 23 June 2019:
- Weekly challenge posted at grangersnape100 (every Sunday).
- Weekly prompt posted at snape100 (every Sunday).
- Weekly prompt posted at dracoharry100 (every Sunday).
- Weekly prompt posted at mixandmatch100 (every Sunday).
- Claiming begins for HD Fan Fair 2019 at hd_fan_fair.

Monday, 24 June 2019:
- Weekly prompt posted at hp_hetgen (every Monday).
- Biweekly prompt posted at draco100 (every other Monday) - check, I always get the week wrong lol!
- Biweekly prompt posted at harry100 (every other Monday) - check, I always get the week wrong lol!

Tuesday, 25 June 2019:
- Read and review!

Wednesday, 26 June 2019:
- Biweekly prompt posted at hp_nextgen100 (every other Wednesday).
- Due date for the weekly prompts at hp_humpdrabbles (every Saturday) and new weekly prompts posted!

Thursday, 27 June 2019:
- Weekly prompt posted at snarry100 (every Thursday).

Friday, 28 June 2019:
- Read and review!

Saturday, 29 June 2019:
- Due date for the weekly prompts at hogwarts365 (every Saturday) and new weekly prompts posted.

Going on all week:
- Posting for Femmefest 2019 at femmefest.
- Posting for HP Het Minifest 2019 at hphet.
- Posting for Glompfest 2019 at serpentinelion.
- Posting for HP Summer Wishlist 2019 at rarepair_shorts.
- Claiming for HP Daddy Fest at hp_daddyfest.

If I have missed anything or made any errors, please PM potterfests_mod and corrections will be made ASAP.