Prompting open at hp_bunintheoven!

Link: LJ|DW
Type of challenge: Prompt fest!
Description: A fest that requires all entries to involve pregnancy of some sort (fempreg, mpreg, surrogacy, etc.)
Ratings restrictions: All ratings allowed
Length restrictions: Minimum 500 words. Equivalent for art.
Timeline: Prompting is open now! Claiming begins on the 30th.

Valentine's Day Double Drabble Exchange - Sign Up Now Open!

Now that the Christmas rush has ended, time to plan for your writing for Valentine's day.

Valentine's Day Double Drabble Exchange

This is an anonymous Valentine's Day Double Drabble Exchange inspired by hp_halloween. This means that you will write 200 words exactly for your recipient. Because of the many characters in this fandom, you'll have to be willing to go outside your OTP. It will be a multi pairing exchange in a fandom with many characters and it requires a little Gryffindor bravery. If you really, really, really only want only one pairing, this is probably not the fest for you.

Sign-up Open: Saturday 12/26/2020
Sign-up Closes: Thursday 1/7/2021
Assignments Due: Thursday, 2/4/2021
Works Revealed: Sunday, 2/14/2021
Creators Revealed: Tuesday, 2/16/2021

Reminder: The Ice Royals Claiming is still open

Art belongs to the artist.
The Ice Royals’ Valentines Extravaganza theiceroyals
Prompting: September 14th – 30th
Claiming:October – January 2nd
Works due: January 14th
Posting starts: February 14th

Harry Potter Fest- Focused on Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy

The Ice Royals is a low key, low stress community to share the love, appreciation and amazingness that is the pair of Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy.

Prompting open until the 30th.
All promptes welcome.

Claiming Time: about 4 Months

Writing Time: about 4 Months

Posting will go on as long as there are fics!

Dralbus Fest - Opening Soon

Origin: Tumblr and AO3
Link: Rules and Guidelines Here
Type of challenge: Anonymous prompt/claim fest
Description: This fest celebrates the relationship between Draco Malfoy and Albus Potter.
Ratings restrictions: All ratings allowed
Length restrictions: 1,000 minimum word count with no maximum
Prompting opens on Friday, January 1st
Prompting closes on Friday, January 22nd
Claiming opens on Saturday, January 23rd
Claiming closes on Sunday, March 28th
Submissions are due on Saturday, April 10th
Posting will begin on Sunday, April 25th