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Potterverse Challenges, Fests, Exchanges, etc.
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Harry Potter Challenges, Fests, and Exchanges
The purpose of this community is to provide a platform for publicizing all Harry Potter fandom related challenges, fests, exchanges, and events, especially those involving Harry Potter fan fiction and fan art. Challenges, etc. may be hosted on any journaling system (LJ, IJ, DW, Blogspot, etc.), whether community or personal journal, or archive (AO3, FictionAlley, Mugglenet, etc.). Challenges may be included that are not specifically for the Potterverse as long as Potterfic and -art is welcome as well.

Please use the posting template for all initial pimping posts. Follow-up posts and reminders may be made without a template for approaching deadlines, but please do not spam the community unnecessarily. Use your judgment. ;-)

An effort will be made to keep the Master List updated, but if your challenge has not been added within 48 hours of your initial post, please comment to the Master List post or contact a community moderator.

Posting is restricted to members at this time, and all posts will be screened.

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